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Parker Academy was Stacey McGill's old school in New York City. It starts at kindergarten and goes to the twelfth grade.


Stacey would take the subway to school. The school doesn't require uniforms. In Stacey and the Cheerleaders Stacey mentioned that the school didn't have a cheerleading squad.

Rudy Matthew's School is located across the street mentioned in Stacey's Ex-Best Friend.

Staff & Administration[]

  • Mrs. Kaufman (homeroom)
  • Mr. Berlenbach
  • Miss Chardon (in #13 and SS#11)


Eighth Grade


  • Caitlin, Keith, Shayla are the other students in Stacey's grade whose parents also divorced in Welcome Back, Stacey!.
  • In Welcome Back, Stacey!, Stacey calls Mrs. Kaufman strict and never just smiles and continues what she's doing.
  • Stacey's kindergarten teacher is Miss Moss.
  • Freda Staples was diagnosed was diagnosed with leukemia. Her parents came to the class and talked about the condition with the students and they became close-knit and supportive.