Parker Harris was first introduced in Super Special #1- Baby-sitters on Board!. Dawn describes Parker as having deep brown eyes with light brown and very straight hair.

His first name, Parker, was his mother’s maiden family name. She didn’t have any brothers (only sisters) so there was no one to carry on the family name. Finally she decided to call him Parker. His family is divorced so his dad remarried this lady with two boys who are 5 and 8 whom he calls brats. Then his dad made him take a trip on the Ocean Princess, to get to know them better.

He also arranged to meet Dawn on the Sun Deck promptly at 10:30

Not much else is known about him other than at the time Dawn thinks he is the most absolutely gorgeous, handsome, perfect, wonderful boy that she ever laid eyes on, and that he took a walk along the beach with Dawn at Treasure Cay (holding hands), went to the movie theatre, Magic Kingdom and video arcade with her.

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