Peaches Benedict, (real name Miyoshi Benedict) is the younger sister of Rioko Kishi, the daughter of Mimi Yamamoto, and the aunt of Claudia Kishi and Janine Kishi. She is married to Russ Benedict and the mother of Lynn Benedict.


Russ thought of the name Peaches and it stuck. She's rather carefree and fun, more kid like then her sister, her sense of humor is similar to Claudia's. She used to live in Stoneybrook until Claudia was about seven. She could hang from the monkey bars in the park.

The moved back to Stoneybrook in Claudia and Crazy Peaches after she quit her old job. Peaches suffered from a miscarriage before trying again. She has a daughter named Lynn born in Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby.

She goes on her first vacation away from her daughter in Claudia and the Terrible Truth.


She works for an advertising firm and is always comping up with wacky ideas for selling toys and weird household products. Her office will send her freelance work to do at home.

Trivia Edit

  • Peaches' real name is Miyoshi, as mentioned in the book in which she gives birth to Lynn.
  • She is much younger than her sister Rioko.
  • She gets her hair permed.
  • Once fell down the steps and an ambulance had to be called.
  • Dr. Zuckerman is her physician.


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