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Peaches Benedict (real name Miyoshi Benedict) is the younger sister of Rioko Kishi, the daughter of Mimi Yamamoto, and the aunt of Claudia Kishi and Janine Kishi. She is married to Russ Benedict and the mother of Lynn Benedict.


She's rather carefree and fun, more kid like than her sister, her sense of humor is similar to Claudia's. She used to live in Stoneybrook until Claudia was about seven. She could hang from the monkey bars in the park. They moved back to Stoneybrook in Claudia and Crazy Peaches after she quit her old job. Peaches suffered from a miscarriage before trying again.

Peaches was six months pregnant by the end of Mary Anne and the Memory Garden. She has a daughter named Lynn born in Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby.

She goes on her first vacation away from her daughter in Claudia and the Terrible Truth.

In Claudia and the Friendship Feud she sees her friend Molly Bishop for the first time in two years. They were best friends in college and after she called Peaches invited her to Thanksgiving. Peaches mentions in college she and Molly were different from each other. Molly would be the type to go to the library and Peaches would want to go dancing. They didn't like the same kind of movies but they always went together anyway.

Peaches mentioned that they needed each other as friends. In college they were once invited to a party on campus, they were thrilled and planned for weeks. After getting locked out of their dorm and wet from the rain they managed to make it to the party two hours after it started. Peaches had a huge crush on Billy Bradford but only hang out with Molly. She and Peaches argued so loud at the library they were nearly kicked out. The student librarian ended up asking Peaches out, turns out it was Russ. Eventually, the two made up in the end.


Peaches works for an advertising firm and is always comping up with wacky ideas for selling toys and weird household products. Her office will send her freelance work to do at home however she was back to full time office hours in Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO!.


  • Peaches' real name is Miyoshi, as mentioned in Claudia and the Sad Good-bye.
  • It's mentioned in Claudia and the Sad Good-bye, Russ thought of the name Peaches and it stuck.
  • She is much younger than her sister Rioko.
  • She gets her hair permed.
  • She once fell down the steps and an ambulance had to be called.
  • Dr. Zuckerman is her physician.
  • In Claudia's Big Party, it's mentioned that she and Rioko are just as different from each other personality-wise just like Claudia and Janine.
  • She's described by Claudia as very independent and spontaneous with a wild personality in Claudia and Crazy Peaches. Peaches is also pushy
  • She's mentioned in Dawn's Big Date, where she sent Claudia different flavored popcorn.
  • She is never mentioned in Netflix Series
  • Peaches found it difficult to put on a happy face for months after Mimi's funeral as mentioned in Claudia and Crazy Peaches.