Pete Black is an eighth-grade student at Stoneybrook Middle School. He is friends with Alan Gray, but is more responsible and a better student.

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He always wears sneaks, even at a dance. Over the summer, he grew his brown hair long to the collar of his shirt. Pete is part of the lunch crowd.

Biography Edit

In #53 Kristy for President, he becomes eighth grade class president.

Does an English project on Megan Rhinehart with Mary Anne Spier, Logan Bruno, and Cokie Mason, but ends up doing most of the work with Mary Anne.

Pete falls off his bike and breaks his nose before the Peter Pan performance leaving Jessi to take the part.

At opening day of SMS's recycling center, he passes out raffle tickets.

In Stacey and the Stolen Hearts he and Stacey run the valentine grams for the students in the school. Pete has a crush on Emily Bernstein in the book and he doesn't want anyone to know only Austin Bentley knew. He was glad that the bag of grams went missing.

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  • He also dates Stacey briefly taking her to a Winter dance, Halloween Hop, and Final Fling.
  • In Stacey's Ex-Best Friend, Pete develops a crush on Laine Cummings, and takes her to the Valentine's Day dance. She ends up leaving him alone at the dance.
  • Goes to the movies with Sabrina Bouvier.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a thing for snapping bras including; Dorianne Wallingford's at the movies and Miranda Shillaber's.
  • Is very series about food.
  • He's in Dawn's science class and Mary Anne's home ec class
  • Dresses up as a clown at Awards Night.
  • Participated in the Battle of the Bakers.
  • Went to kindergarten with Kristy, Claudia, and Mary-Anne.
  • On the football team
  • Is caught in the Hawaiian helicopter crash landing with Stacey and ends up puking.

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