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Mallory Pike Family Portrait from 1991 Calendar

The Pike family portrait

The Pike family is a family that lives at 134 Slate Street, Stoneybrook, CT 06800.


All the Pikes have blue eyes and dark brown hair (Diana calls it "chestnut" brown to make to more formal), though Mallory and Nicky are the only with curly hair, and Mallory's hair is more reddish than the other members. All the kids (minus Nicky and Vanessa) get chicken pox in Kristy and the Snobs, except Mallory who had it once before catching it again in Dawn's Wicked Stepsister.

The kids get a lot of books for birthdays and holidays about different subjects. They have science books, mysteries, Mallory's horse stories, Claire's picture books, Vanessa's Nancy Drew and poetry books, Nicky's dog stories, Nicky and Byron also have Hardy Boy books in Jessi's Baby-sitter.

Great-grandfather Pike had ten brothers and sisters, all of whom had names that started with "P" (including a Peter, Prudence, Paul, and Polly) in Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic. Mr. Pike keeps a box of old family papers and newspaper clippings.

Dee Pike's maiden name is Bennett. Her family was originally from Ireland and England, but one branch moved to the U.S. in the 1950s. She has at least one cousin, Gillian Orton, that lives in England, in a district called Chelsea. Gillian is an economics professor and novelist who keeps track of the family tree. In Baby-sitters' European Vacation she shows Mallory the family history book. They are distantly related to William Shakespeare (presumably through one of his siblings or aunts and uncles since William Shakespeare does not have any living descendants).

Sitting for the Pike kids is not for the fainthearted: sitters have to be part traffic cop, part referee and part camp counselor. If a sitter survives a job with them, he or she can sit for anyone.

They are friends with the Prezzioso Family.

The Pikes live just a few houses away from the Braddocks, and on the same side of the street in Stacey's Lie.


Margo and Claire are the first kids in the family that's introduced in Kristy's Great Idea.

Every summer for nine years the family goes to Sea City. The only summer they didn't go was in Abby in Wonderland. The money they would use to go to Sea City was used to fix one of the cars. They "vacation" in the backyard with a make shift beach theme with kiddie pools and super soakers.

It's mentioned in Kristy and the Secret of Susan, Mallory mentions that kids used to call them "The Spiders" due to how many kids are in the family, and they all hated the names.

Byron begins a lending library out of their rooms in Jessi's Baby-sitter: open weekdays 3:30pm to 6 pm and weekends 10am-5pm, not during meals.

In Poor Mallory! the kids all band together to help when their father loses his job. They try to find a way to help raise money so they weren't broke. When John finally gets a job, they celebrated with burgers and watched home videos.

Mallory took all her siblings on a scavenger hunt and small neighborhood events in Mallory on Strike, as their own special day.

In Mallory's Christmas Wish, the family has their own old fashioned Christmas. Later, Vanessa wins a contest for an old fashioned Christmas. They have a camera crew that comes and films them. Eventually Mrs. Pike and Mr. Pike decides to not go through with it and have their own old fashioned Christmas at home without the cameras around them.

All of the kids participate in creating the Official Thomas Book of World Record's in Kristy + Bart = ?

In Stacey's Movie the kids were all being filmed by Kristy for her Short Takes video project.

Margo, Claire, and (sometimes) Vanessa and Nicky attends the play group the BSC hosts in Claudia and Mean Janine. Mallory was offered the chance to be a baby-sitter in training.

Family Members[]


Out of date Pike family tree in Baby-sitters' European Vacation

Extended Family[]

  • Uncle Joe (Mr. Pike's uncle)
  • Marie and Phil Strauss (Mrs. Pike's cousins)
  • Unnamed Grandparents
  • Gillian and Peter Orton (Mrs. Pike's cousins)
    • Bernard
    • Brett


House Description[]

It is not far from Bradford Court. Mr. and Mrs. Pike have been living there for over twelve years. Maureen Spencer lives behind the family and Mrs. Murphy is the neighbor. The yard has an apple tree and a cherry tree at the end of the driveway.

The House has a rec room on the bottom floor with a ping pong table and couches.

Trees prevent Mallory and Stacey McGill from seeing into each other's back windows. The backyard fence has daffodils poking up around borders. There's a toolshed in the backyard in Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye. The back screen doors leads to the kitchen.

The basement has a big sink and Mr. Pike's workbench. They store some of their beach stuff in an attached garage.

There are four bedrooms, one big one at the end of the hall. The triplets and Nicky shared the big room, Mallory and Vanessa shared a small room, and then Margo and Claire shared a room. Once Mallory moved to Riverbend, all four girls shared the big room, Nicky and Byron share Vanessa and Mallory's old room, and Jordan and Adam share Margo and Claire's old room.

Mallory and Vanessa have window that over looks the backyard in Mallory and the Mystery Diary.

They have a basketball hoop above the garage mentioned in Dawn and the Big Sleepover.

Their kitchen table is long with a bench on either side and a chair on each end. The chairs are for John and Dee and four kids to each side in Jessi's Secret Language.

There's a giant desk of Mr. Pike's that sits in the den.

In Abby in Wonderland, Mr. and Mrs. Pike's bedroom faces the backyard.

There's a back patio that goes into the rec room that's mentioned in Stacey's Ex-Best Friend.


  • Bedtime for anyone nine or older is now ten p.m. in Mallory and the Mystery Diary. According to Mary Anne Saves the Day, the kids don’t have to go to sleep unless they feel like it; as long as they’re in bed they can stay as late as they want to.
  • The eight Pike kids can eat whatever they want. They all like and agree to spaghetti and English muffin pizzas in Mallory and the Ghost Cat
  • Always use Johnson's Baby Shampoo.
  • The sitter sometimes does chores at their house and gets higher wages as narrated by Dawn in The Ghost at Dawn's House.
  • The kids hold their breath near graveyards so no souls won't possess them.
  • Family has had a lot of picnic lunches at Carle Playground.
  • It's a Pike family tradition to listen only to classical music on Thanksgiving and do Secret Santa's for Christmas.
  • Whenever the Pikes take a family trip, they have to take two cars.
  • They have a miniature colonial village that they'll set up on the table for Thanksgiving last year as mentioned in Get Well Soon, Mallory. There's also a ceramic turkey centerpiece that they set up every year. They only listen to classical music and watch the Macy's parade on Thanksgiving, although the boys fudge the rules by watching football.
  • They make 30 dozen (360) cookies for Christmas to give out to family and friends in Mallory's Christmas Wish.




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