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The Pike triplets are Mallory Pike's identical 9 (later 10) year old brothers and three members of the Pike Family.



They started ABJ Incorporated, an odd-job service when their dad loses his job in Poor Mallory!. They got calls for walking dogs, weeded gardens, and painted all of Sharon's lawn chairs. Mallory narrates that they learned all their gross songs from day camp when they were younger in the same book.

The triplets and Nicky get traded with the Hobart boys for one night at Mallory's suggestion. They triplets were great and the Hobart boys were raucous in Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym). They made her a cake in the end to show her support for getting on the archery team.

All three form a Green Patrol and "arrest" anybody who is not being ecologically conscious in the house and go overboard in Dawn Saves the Planet.

They decide that they are too old for babysitters and organize their own kickball league to mixed results in Mary Anne and Miss Priss. Byron was in charge of kicking and pitching practice. Jordan handled running and Adam was the team organizer.

They used to be a part of the BSC's Baby-sitters-in-training along with Jeff, but they quit because they decide it takes too much time and they have better things to do in Dawn and Too Many Sitters. All of them would eat a lot of Claudia Kishi's snacks. They sometimes got in fights with the kids not much younger than them. However, it is mentioned in Kristy + Bart =? that sometimes they will volunteer to be the other sitter, but wouldn't bother.

In Claudia and the Middle School Mystery, they don’t snitch on each other when a window is broken while playing ball. It had been the fourth window that they've broken in the last three months and were grounded. None of them got their allowance until the window was paid for. They call themselves the 3 Musketeers and unable to snitch on each other. After a reenactment of what happened it was something they all did by mistake and un-grounded. They got their allowances back and instead had to do extra chores. Their parents took them to a movie and ice cream after feeling bad for keeping them in so long.

By Abby and the Mystery Baby, it's mentioned that as long as one of the triplets is around, one sitter is enough. In the same book, they wrote a rap about gross things such as puke and boogers. In Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout, Jordan is Abby's helper. However in The All-New Mallory Pike, they had two sitters for them since they didn't want to bother then.

They go on vacation with their family to Sea City, New Jersey, every year, and have done that for a long time.

In Mary Anne and the Playground Fight, they had a bit husky stuffed animal named Snowball that they were willing to sell. Then decided that they wanted it back.

They speak in Pig Latin, which Mallory had taught them in case they ever needed to say anything in private in Mallory and the Trouble with Twins. They also speak backward.

They are monster channel surfers in Abby's Lucky Thirteen.

They created a science club when they were nine in Dawn and the We ♥️ Kids Club.

They broke a chair playing sardines once in Mary Anne and the Great Romance.

Together they've switched places on their substitute teachers before, mentioned by Mallory in Mallory and the Trouble with Twins.

In Mallory and the Mystery Diary, Mallory paid them a dollar each to bring the trunk over that was found in Stacey's attic. They also broke it open for her.

In Abby and the Notorious Neighbor, they enter the go-cart race together. At first they exclude Nicky, but when he has a great idea they let him join. Jordan mentions when they were younger they took apart their tricycles one time and their father got really mad. It was then decided that they would get grown-up bikes without training wheels.


They are in little league team called the Rockets (mentioned in Dawn and Too Many Sitters) together in Kristy and the Walking Disaster. Kristy was impressed when they joined the cheerleaders at the game cheering on the Krushers in their little league uniforms. They had a game in Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend.

In Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum, the triplets go to soccer practice. In Kristy in Charge it's mentioned that Adam and Byron had a game while Jordan was sick. All three go having them avoid Vanessa attempting to teach their siblings. In Abby the Bad Sport, it's mentioned that they played and out shoot-out if the teams tied.

In Dawn and the Impossible Three, they go to ice hockey practice. Together Adam, Jordan, and Byron are the most active kids in the Pike family, but Nicky is not so active because he is the youngest.

In Poor Mallory! it's mentioned they went to day camp when they were little. It's also mentioned that they would play with Michael Hofmeister, but he stopped playing them when they couldn't bring money on the field trip. They want to see him be humiliated.

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  • Hate to get their hair cut