They live at Quentin Court in Stoneybrook and they have a housekeeper called Miss Hargreaves .

Pinky & Buffy are not actual children. They are three year old purebred St. Bernards who seem to require constant attention. Their least favorite place is the laundry room. They like to play with their footballs, they eat one can of chow each, and like their mailman cookies.

When Kristy baby-sat them, they played outside and bowled Kristy over before running into the clothes hanging out on the line. She decided they would behave better inside, which they did. Any time they acted up, Kristy would open the laundry room door and they would calm down.

It was during this job that Kristy got the idea of starting The Notebook  in order to write down information on their jobs so that other sitters would be aware of what was going on with their clients.

Kristy earned $3.50 from this babysitting job.

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