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Poe and Co. is a bookstore in Stoneybrook, CT. It specializes in selling mystery books and was opened by Mr. Cates.


Mary Anne was first introduced to the store by Sharon Spier, who had pointed out the ad in the newspaper. The store is located in the Benson Dalton Gable House that has been empty for as long as Mary Anne Spier can remember. An apartment is upstairs.

The building is two stories high and quite wide. The roof has a top like a little flat hat with lots of scalloped shingles. It has a small front porch. The downstairs bathroom is open to the public.

There's two offices: one for Mr. Cates and the former office of Benson Dalton Gabe. Claudia Kishi painted ravens on the front room wall. In the children's section she painted a silhouette of Nancy Drew.


The house originally belonged to Benson Dalton Gable. He was a mystery writer from Stoneybrook. He used to know to author Edgar Allan Poe and would talk about writing. There is speculation and debate about their relationship.

The members of the Baby-sitters Club helped Mr. Cates fix up the store.

Ms. Spark and Mr. Cates promoted the store by staging their own mystery. They would plant the sound of a heartbeat in the walls. Ms. Spark used to work in set design and used her skills to rig up a "ghost" in the basement. They even trained a raven to fly in through an open window, and kept it as a store pet. The news coverage of the mystery gave them more exposure.


  • The store has a white van with a black raven on it.