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Poor Mallory! is the 39th book in The Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin.

Back Cover Summary[]

There's some bad news in the Pike family: Mallory's dad has just lost his job. And since money is going to be tight until Mr. Pike finds a new job, all eight of the Pike kids decide to help out.

Nicky gets a paper route, Vanessa tries selling her poetry, and Mallory takes baby-sitting jobs in Kristy's ritzy neighborhood. But being around the Delaneys only makes Mallory feel poor. They have a cat that cost $4000, a fish fountain, and tennis courts in their backyard!

Poor Mallory! She needs the Baby-sitters now more than ever!

Plot Summary[]

In the previous books it was alluded to that Mallory's dad might lose his job, but no one was really worried except Mr. and Mrs. Pike. Then one day Mallory comes home to find that her mother has a headache. She goes upstairs and finds that the company in Stamford that her father works for is firing about half of the people—and Mr. Pike thinks that he will be next.

It is revealed that he is right, and a pink slip is given to him. So the Pikes start saving and earning money. Mallory gets a baby-sitting job for the Delaneys (a.k.a "the Snobs"), the triplets have a yard service, Nicky gets a paper route, Vanessa styles hair, and Margo and Claire sell lemonade. Mallory and her brothers and sisters are making money, but losing friends.

Kids start teasing them and spreading rumors about why Mr. Pike lost his job. They learn who their true friends are.


Meanwhile, the Delaney kids are having the same problem but in reverse. They have just got a new pool and kids from all over the neighborhood want to come and play. Mallory helps them out, though. She suggests the kids tell their friends that there is a new rule (that when a baby-sitter is in charge no one can use the pool. Then they invite their friends over). After learning who their real friends are (the kids who still come over even though they can't use the pool), Amanda tells her friends that they can use the pool again when a sitter is in charge.


Mallory's Family

BSC Members






Pop Culture and Real-Life References[]

  • We are the World
  • I Love Lucy
  • Superfudge by Judy Blume, Uncle Roland the Perfect Guest (books)
  • Sesame Street
  • A Christmas Carol

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]


  • In chapter seven, Mallory narrates how Stacey acted when she sat for the Delaney's from Kristy and the Snobs.


  • In chapter 10, Hannie’s name is misspelled in a BSC notebook entry. Kristy writes “Hanny" instead of "Hannie".

Ann M. Martin's Dear Reader Letter[]

Dear Reader:

In Poor Mallory!, the Pike kids think of all sorts of ways to earn money after their father loses his job. Vanessa even styles her schoolmates’ hair on the playground! When I was young I found plenty of ways to earn money, too. I did lots of baby-sitting, of course. But I also weeded gardens, watched neighbors’ houses while they were on vacation, and even dog-sat. If you are too young to baby-sit or are not interested in it, but would like to earn some money, there are lots of things you can do. Start an odd-job service like the Pike triplets did. Are there pets in your neighborhood? Try dog-walking or pet-sitting. If you have a special talent like Vanessa does, you could make and sell your own jewelry, or your own hand-sewn creations. The possibilities are endless — use your imagination!


  • On the dedication page it says "This book is for Bonnie Black, who keeps things running smoothly. Thank you."
  • Jessi has a sitting job for Charlotte Johanssen after school in the first chapter.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pike do not have a lot in their savings account.
  • Claire wishes she could join the BSC.
  • Dorianne Wallingford fainted during lunch.
  • Although in the eighth grade, the BSC is familiar with some of the sixth graders.
  • The Stoneybrook Day School bus gets home a little later then the SMS bus.
  • Mallory mentions Sarge although not by name.
  • The cover is described in chapter six.
  • Timmy's last name is not said, however, it could be assumed that it's Timmy Hsu.
  • Myriah goes to kindergarten with Claire, which is how Claire gets home when Mrs. Perkins drives them.
  • Mallory can get from her house to the Kishi's house if she rushes
  • Mallory told off all the girls who made fun of her during lunch.
  • The family only eats in the dining room if its a holiday or grandparents come over.
  • Some home movies include: Mr. and Mrs. Pike's wedding, standing in front of their first house, Mallory drooling, the triplets in a row of high chairs, Vanessa painting, and all five of them doing a fashion show were on a film projector. Videos include holiday events.
  • This is the first time a BSC sleepover is held at Mallory's house.
  • Mary Anne can put on a southern accent.
  • Sam's favorite joke is the pig farm joke.


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