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The Porter Family is Dawn's maternal grandparets and Sharon's parents. They live in Stoneybrook and are seen in multiple BSC books.


In Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret, the couple went on an anniversary cruise, and their basement flooded while they were gone. A neighbor watching the house informed Sharon Spier of the flood, and she got to work right away in order to fix it before they returned from vacation. She called a plumber and got members of the BSC to help clean it up. When Pop-Pop and Granny returned they were relieved to see that the damage wasn't as bad as they thought and was mostly fixed by the time they got home. Before Sharon and the BSC began the clean-up, Mary Anne mentions that Sharon Spier throws a party for their anniversary when they return from their trip.



Pop-Pop was proud of how he fixed or made everything in the basement, rather than hire someone else to do it. He converted the rec room into a cozy space, built some of the shelves and cabinets, and set up a workshop in the corner. He uses the basement bedroom as an office in Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret. There's also a sunroom that is used to help dry stuff after the flood happens.


  • Mary Anne mentions that even though she has not known Granny and Pop-Pop very long, they treat her like a granddaughter and she thinks of them as grandparents.
  • His best friends are Esther and Hank. Granny and Hank grew up in the same neighborhood.
  • It’s not mentioned if they’re related to Tabitha Porter.
  • In Karen's Ghost, Karen’s grandfather had a friend named Edward Porter. It’s not mentioned if he’s related to Sharon.