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From 1994-1997, Scholastic published the Portrait Collection series. Each of the 8th grade members wrote their autobiography as part of a school project (even Dawn, who, in her portrait collection, lamented that she had the same project in California). Logan and Shannon's collections were either unpublished or unwritten.


In the collection, each member recounts a few significant events in their lives. These collections offer a glimpse into the childhood of each member. The first chapter is usually setting up the biography assignment and describing their friends and family. Chapter 15, is the character reflecting back on what they wrote and possibly talking to other characters about their memories.

Portrait Collections[]

  1. Stacey's Book (November 1994)
  2. Claudia's Book (March 1995)
  3. Dawn's Book (September 1995)
  4. Mary Anne's Book (March 1996)
  5. Kristy's Book (September 1996)
  6. Abby's Book (March 1997)


  • At the end of each book there is a handwritten note by each teacher grading their autobiographies, except for Claudia's which is said in text. Only Abby has a typed letter from her teacher.
  • In Abby's Book, Anna says that her assignment was due before Abby's implying that the assignment had different due dates according to the different English teachers.