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Pow Barrett Pike or commonly known as Pow is a pure bred basset hound originally owned by the Barrett Family and now belongs to the Pike Family.


His short stubby legs are compensated for by big strong chest, thick hail and deep bark. Pow is described as patient and good natured.


The Barrett family had to give up Pow because Marnie developed an allergy. Rather than giving up the dog completely, the Barretts gave Pow to the Pikes. Since Buddy and Nicky are best friends, the Barrett kids get to play with the dog on a regular basis.

In Jessi and the Dance School Phantom, he gets entered in the Baby-sitters Club's pet show. He is covered with pink ribbons. He won the shortest legs ribbon. It's mentioned in this book that Buddy got Pow on his second birthday when he was a puppy.

In Mallory and the Dream Horse, he is in the talent show with Buddy Barrett and Suzi Barrett as trainers. He's lazy and does not move after through a hula-hop and eating a t-bone steak Buddy used as bait.


  • Rollover
  • Play dead
  • Bark three times on command.