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The Prezzioso Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club that lives in Stoneybrook, CT. They are first introduced in Mary Anne Saves the Day.


They are referred to as "the P's." They are friends of the Pike Family. They are not rich. They go to Chatham to watch Mr. Prezzioso's college play basketball in Mary Anne Saves the Day.

They have a friend named Margery in Mary Anne vs. Logan. They are also friends with the Pike family as mentioned in Mary Anne Saves the Day.

In Mary Anne and the Little Princess, it’s mentioned they live next to the Spier/Schafer Family. However, it's mentioned that they live "not far" from them in Mary Anne Saves the Day.

Family Members[]

Extended Family[]

  • Unnamed aunt (Mr. Prezzioso's sister)
    • She has twin sons that are two years old


They live on Burnt Hill Road. The living room has a picture window and the hall has a mirror. The first-aid kit is in the linen closet up-stairs mentioned in Mary Anne Saves the Day.

Nick and Madeleine have a tv in their bedroom in Abby's Lucky Thirteen. Jenny's room has parquet flooring with a rug in Mary Anne and Miss Priss. Madeleine knows how to sew and there's a sewing room in the house in Kristy and the Baby Parade.

There's an attic mentioned in Mary Anne vs. Logan.


  • Both Andrea and Madeleine have birthdays in February in Mary Anne vs. Logan. It's also noted in this book that Nick hardly ever calls the BSC. If you use a 1992 calander and use the timeline of the book Madeleine's birthday is February 11. Andrea was born either the day after or a couple of days after Valentine's Day.
  • Madeleine and Nick have been attending a parenting a group in Aloha, Baby-sitters!.