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Quint Walter is an eleven-year-old ballet student and one-time boyfriend of Jessi Ramsey. He lives in New York City with his parents and two younger siblings, six-year-old Morgan and nine-year-old Tyler.


Has dark, curly hair, wide brown eyes, skin that is just slightly lighter than Jessi's and the long lithe body of a dancer.


Jessi met him while on a Baby-sitters Club visit to Stacey's father in New York, New York!. They met at the Lincoln Center, during a performance of Swan Lake. At the time, Quint was hesitant to pursue his ballet career because he was made fun of by the boys in his neighborhood, but Jessi convinced him to continue his studies and he began attending Julliard. He kissed Jessi before she left for Connecticut, which was her first kiss. After Jessi returns to Stoneybrook, the two become pen pals.

He gave Jessi the scholarship idea in Jessi and the Awful Secret.

On a later trip to New York, Jessi reunited with Quint when he invited her to see his performance at Julliard in Jessi and the Jewel Thieves. When Jessi was at Quint's apartment they overheard two actors rehearsing a script through an open window. They tried to follow them around and solve the case thinking that they were really planning a jewel heist.

Jessi ran into Quint again when they both attended a six-week Dance New York program run by David Brailsford (Jessi's Big Break). He wanted to start dating Jessi again but she gently told them that they were just friends.

In Snowbound, he and Jessi were going to the Winter Wonderland Dance together at Stoneybrook Middle School. He was going to stay with The Ramsey's for the weekend. When Mr. Ramsey didn't come to pick up him from the train station because of the snow, he walked to the Stamford Ballet School. He ended up meeting Jessi there and stayed the night with the other students.

Book Appearances[]


  • His dad is a chemical engineer.
  • He's been friends with Maritza Cruz since kindergarten in Jessi's Big Break.
  • He's seen Swan Lake at the Lincoln Center at least five times in New York, New York!.
  • Quint likes dancers: Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films in New York, New York!, they're famous for their dancing in movies.
  • His sister likes to play tricks on him in New York, New York! and his brother likes to play on the computer ignoring him sometimes.