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Quint Walter is an eleven-year-old ballet student and one-time boyfriend of Jessi Ramsey. He lives in New York City. Jessi met him while on a Baby-sitters Club visit to Stacey's father (Super Special #6: New York, New York!). At the time, Quint was hesitant to pursue his ballet career because he was made fun of by the boys in his neighborhood, but Jessi convinced him to continue his studies and he began attending Juilliard. After Jessi returned to Stoneybrook, the two became pen pals.

On a later trip to New York, Jessi reunited with Quint and together they attempted to solve a jewel heist (Mystery #8, Jessi and the Jewel Thieves).

Jessi ran into Quint again when they both attended a six-week Dance New York program run by David Brailsford (#115 Jessi's Big Break).

Family Edit

Quint lives with his parents and two younger siblings, six-year-old Morgan and nine-year-old Tyler.

Book AppearancesEdit

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