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Rachel Griffin is a student at Stoneybrook Middle School with members of the Baby-sitters Club. She becomes friends with Stacey McGill and they have lots in common. She first appears in Stacey vs. Claudia and only appears in the Friends Forever series.


Kristy Thomas said that she used to look like a little butter ball as a kid in Stacey vs. Claudia. When she's older she has shoulder length brown hair and intense blue eyes.


Rachel used to live in Stoneybrook and attended Stoneybrook Elementary School with some members of the BSC.

They didn't really like her and Kristy said that she was a snob. Claudia Kishi said that she was the type of person that was in your face telling you what was wrong with you or what she wanted you to do for her. When she was little Rachel would call Claudia a wimp for not being able to climb a tree. Finally Claudia climbed one to prove her otherwise and got stuck. Rachel ended up leaving her there.

In fifth grade she moved away to London, England. There she studied drama and wanted to become an actress. She was even once in a BBC drama where she played a kid whose mother was murdered and her character just kept saying she didn't do it until it was proven.

She moved back to Stoneybrook in Stacey vs. Claudia into Stacey's neighborhood. Mary Anne Spier is convinced that she has changed. Stacey said that she was nice and friendly when she met her.


  • Rachel has a close guy friend in London.
  • She never picked up a British accent.
  • She's in Stacey's English class in Stacey vs. Claudia but in Kristy's class in Kristy Power!.
  • Rachel likes to jog
  • She's great at French braiding
  • Claudia once called her a mix of Angelica Pickles, Helga Pataki, and Lucy Van Pelt when she was younger.
  • She loans out earrings for Stacey to use in Stacey vs. Claudia.