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Rachel Stevenson (née Goldberg) is a member of the Stevenson family. She is the widow of Jonathan Stevenson and the mother of Abby and Anna Stevenson . Her parents are Morris and Elsie Goldberg. She has a younger sister, Miriam Goldberg and a nephew named Daniel Goldberg.

Physical Appearance & Personality[]

Rachel has short brown curly hair, with a squarish face and dark hazel eyes. Her family is Jewish of Eastern European origin. She remains neat and organized.


When she was young, she and her sister ate so much licorice that they'd both thrown up. Rachel told her daughters this when they would beg for candy. She also had a turtle named Doris.

In Mary Anne and the Playground Fight, Abby mentions that Rachel spent her junior year of college at London University.

She moved with her daughters from Long Island, New York to Stoneybrook after her husband's death. Before Jonathan had died she started training as a chef at the Culinary Institute of America, even teaching cooking at a local college. She stopped cooking after he died and did not mention his name for a long time after the funeral.

In Abby and the Mystery Baby Rachel suspected that it was her sister who dropped the baby off. She had confirmed it and looked everywhere for her sister until she finally called the hospitals. She and Miriam were estranged from each other until they put their differences aside when her sister was sick.


She works as an executive editor of a publishing house in New York City, where she commutes via train. She's a workaholic, especially since her husband died. She has an assistant named Sherry at work and Lucinda only in Abby and the Mystery Baby, while Sherry is on vacation. In Abby the Bad Sport, her assistant's name is James. Rachel usually gets home from work later than 6:45 p.m.

In Abby's Book, Abby mentions that her mother started her publishing job when she was in the first grade. In the fifth grade her assistant is a man named Steve.

Abby mentions that her mother probably feels more at home in New York then she does in Stoneybrook due to how much she worked.


  • Rachel has a friend from college who has a son about Abby and Anna's age.
  • In Stacey McGill... Matchmaker?, Abby expresses that she wished her mother would date. However, she also mentioned that her mom would probably still work excessively, even if "Mr. Perfect" was at the front door.
  • She and Jonathan knew they were having identical twin girls before Abby and Anna were born.
  • She has an Elvis tape in Dawn and Too Many Sitters.
  • She drives a mini van.
  • Rachel has a sister, even though Abby's Lucky Thirteen said she was an only child.
  • Her best friend is a woman named Amy Burke in Abby's Book.