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Jessi Ramsey Family Portrait from 1991 Calendar

Jessi's family portrait in the 1991 BSC calendar.

The Ramseys are the family of BSC member Jessi Ramsey. They originally lived in Oakley, New Jersey, but moved to Stoneybrook in Hello, Mallory.


The family is very close. They joined the Stoneybrook Community Pool Complex in Jessi's Gold Medal and Jessi mentions her parents taught her and Becca how to swim on the Jersey shore. Everyone in the Ramsey family is naturally thin (except for Aunt Cecelia). They have a station wagon.

The family once went to Mexico for a week on vacation before the events of Jessi's Secret Language.

Some family rules include: no miniskirts, short phone calls, and no watching horror movies.

They have a family friend called the Raymonds in Dawn's Big Move.

Family Members[]

Extended Family[]

  • Grandparents
  • Cecelia Parker (paternal aunt)
    • Michael (Cecelia's son)
      • Marian (Michael's wife)
  • Charles (paternal uncle)
  • Arthur (paternal uncle)
  • Yvonne (aunt)
  • Raun (Jessi's first cousin; Isaac's brother)
  • Isaac (Jessi's first cousin; Raun's brother)
  • Sandy (Jessi's first cousin; Molly's sibling)
  • Molly (Jessi's first cousin; Sandy's sibling)
  • Bill (Jessi's first cousin)



The Ramsey's live at 612 Fawcett Avenue (which is Stacey McGill's old house). The house is bigger than their house in Oakley. It is located around the corner from Johanssens' house; you can see the back of her house from the Johanssens.

It also has an answering machine that allows you to monitor room noises. Jessi's parents set up a practice area with mirrors, mats, and a barre in the basement for Jessi to practice her ballet.

The house has a rose garden that Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey work on every weekend. The house has a fenced-in backyard, at least two picnic tables and a fir tree. There's room for a pool to sit in the back yard in Jessi's Gold Medal. There's a screen door on the front door.

Oakley House[]

They lived on Wagner Lane in a small town. They lived on the same street as Jessi's grandparents, three aunts, two uncles, and seven cousins. The neighborhood had black and white families, but her street had all black families.