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Reginald Fowler (birth name John Wolfer) is a land developer from Stoneybrook, CT. He is only seen in Mary Anne and the Silent Witness.


According to Mary Anne Spier, Reginald is this very rich, very flashy guy who made his money by selling off Stoneybrook tree by tree. He developed strip malls where there used to be fields and office buildings. He wanted to build a huge new office complex where Ambrose's Sawmill stands.

He disagreed with the Baby-sitters Club letters to the editor of the Stoneybrook News calling them "uninformed."

Mary Anne Spier and Logan Bruno discover that he tried to push a development project in Lawrenceville. He wanted to build a "townhouse community" that would include a mall, superstore, a gym, and a bunch of condos. The tract of land he had picked out what was some people in the community thought of as an "unspoiled area" that ought to stay that way. There was a huge rally that eventually lead to Fowler losing support and accused of bribing officials.

Reginald has a twin brother named Samuel. The two were born in a rustic cabin in Stoneybrook on what is now Miller's Park. Both parents died - their mother after one day after their parents were born and father when they were seven. Samuel changed his name to Samuel Wolf later. The two were at odds with one trying to re-imagine Stoneybrook and the other undoing it.

His long-term town plan included a huge industrial complex that wiped out most of the town. Massive apartment buildings would be built to replace the houses he'd have to tear down. And in­stead of downtown stores, he envisioned three gigantic malls on the outskirts of town. To serve all the increased traffic, there would be new highways running everywhere. Includ­ing, one that went through the Spier/Schafer Family backyard.

He wants to destroy the town because his mother died.


  • Sharon Spier hates to hear news stories about him.
  • He is mentioned to be married.
  • He drives a black Cadillac.
  • Reginald's birthday is January 2, but he always lied about where he was born ranging from Boston, Seattle, Winnetka, and Stoneybrooke, England. It's eventually revealed that he was born in Stoneybrook, CT.