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Reilly Lane is a street in Stoneybrook, CT.


The street is not very far from Burnt Hill Road. Dawn Schafer found the car that she saw that was used to kidnap the dogs in chapter 8 of Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs on this street.

In Logan Likes Mary Anne!, the Morgan family lives across the street from the Rodowskys, they have four boys. Mr. Morgan called the BSC to sit for them and they sent Logan Bruno.

In Karen's Hurricane, Karen and Kristy Thomas go down this street in a boat to see how much Stoneybrook flooded after the hurricane.


  • Rodowsky Family
  • Mr. H. Joseph Seger who lives next to the Rodowskys.
  • Ashley Wyeth whose family lives next to the Rodowskys, at 12 Reilly Lane.
  • Morgan family

Former Residents[]


  • The Rodowsky's could either live at 10 or 14 Reilly Lane. Claudia confirmed Ashley's address on a post card in Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation, indicating the house order.