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Reinhart Golem is a businessman and thief that is only seen in Kristy and the Cat Burglar.


Reinhart owns a huge mansion not far from McLelland Road. He has been keeping a bag of extremely valuable diamond in a vault. He felt they were much safer here than they would be in a bank since this house is so out of the way. His security guard, Jack Fenton, says that he spends most of his time in Europe and has a summer home in France.  Reinhart is wealthy but nobody seems to know how he made his fortune. He’s a loner and never married.

He is also known as the Cat Burglar. As the Cat Burglar he robs the homes of the very rich and leaves a stenciled silhouette behind as a calling card. Reinhart is wanted by the biggest police forces on the East Coast. It’s noted that he never hurt anyone and is good with security systems. He’s been around at least a couple of years and worked all over the East Coast. He doesn’t pull a lot of jobs, but the ones he does pull are big. Then he tends to lie low for a while. He’s stolen jewels, antiques, all kinds of things. Once he even stole a very rare blue Tiffany lamp from an Italian prince.

Reinhart also posed as Ben Birch, a former business associate, so he didn’t look suspicious. He says that “Ben” is originally from Cleveland and possibly living in Miami.

He framed Sergeant Johnson as responsible for his diamonds being stolen. He had manipulating, Sergeant Winters and Officer Hopkins.

He had attempted to tie up and keep Abby Stevenson, Mary Anne Spier, Kristy Thomas, and Cary Retlin in his house until they were found. He intended to leave for France before the rest of the BSC caught on to what was happening and called the police.

Reinhart was last seen fighting Cary and then being arrested.


  • His mansion has a drawing room, two living rooms, a parlor, a huge kitchen, a gym and spa – with sauna – and about ten bedrooms, all upstairs
  • He’s into game hunting
  • He’s blonde and has a mustache. Kristy notes that it’s hard to pin down what he looks like or tell how old he is.
  • A couple of years ago Sergeant Johnson started to investigate Golem for being involved in smuggling but the investigation was dropped because it turned out there was ‘no cause’ for it. This is the reason why he framed Sergeant Johnson.
  • He goes to Chez Maurice every time he visits Stoneybrook.