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In 1991-1992, Remco released twelve sets of BSC Dolls: eleven with a baby-sitter and her favorite charge and one Deluxe Gift Set containing eight dolls. Claudia was released twice with different charges (Jenny and Jamie), while Stacey, Kristy, and Jessi were released twice with the same charges but different outfits and accessories. The Deluxe Gift Set included baby-sitters Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, and Jessi, and charges Karen, Charlotte, Jenny, and Becca. Each two-doll set came with a mini-book: How-to Guide for Baby-sitters.

Doll Sets Released[]



Dolls in boxes[]

1991 Paired Dolls (Front)[]

1992 Paired Dolls (Front)[]

Paired Dolls (Back of Box)[]

Deluxe Gift Set[]

Accessories Sheet[]

Accessories Included[]


  • Kristy and Karen Brewer #9331 - Glasses, Mitt, Baseball, Kitten, Phone
  • Claudia and Jenny Prezzioso #9333 - Paint Pallet, Pad of Paper, Paint Brush, Scissors, Glue Pot,
  • Stacey and Charlotte Johanssen #9334 - Birthday hat, 6 cake pieces and cake tray, pizza tray, blower toy
  • Jessi and Becca Ramsey #9335 - Boom Box, Ballet Bag, extra Ballet shoes
  • Baby-sitters Club Deluxe Gift Set #9355 - 6 cake pieces and 1 cake tray, 2 pizza trays, 2 cookie trays, 1 Boom Box, 4 birthday hats, 1 glasses, 4 blower toys

Accessories Sticker Sheet[]

These stickers could be placed on the designated included accessories.

Included Booklet[]

This booklet was included with all 1991 paired Remco dolls, with the accessories list tucked inside. It advertised the book series and the BSC Fan Club.

Back-of-box Picture/Bio of each Baby-sitter[]

How-to Guide for Baby-sitters[]

The How-to Guide for Baby-sitters mini book was included with each of the paired doll sets. It included tips for baby-sitters as well as a profile of the baby-sitter in the corresponding doll set. The item number on the cover was different for each paired doll set. The Deluxe Gift Set did not have its own How-To Guide, but instead included four How-to Guides for the four baby-sitters included: Kristy, Claudia, Stacey and Jessi.