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Retlin Family is a family that lives in Stoneybrook, CT. Cary is first introduced in Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade.


They used to live in Oak Hill, Illinois before moving to the area. The family used to have a dog in Kristy Power! and looking for a new one.

Mr. Retlin used to be a policeman until Cary was 8 and now he’s a locksmith. He decided that it was dangerous work and quit the force. Cary picked up a few things about police work from his father.

Family Members[]


The family lives across the street from the Martinez Family near Miller's Park in Mary Anne and the Silent Witness. The neighborhood has a wooded area that runs to McLelland Road in Kristy and the Cat Burglar.

The den is a small room filled with shelves of books. There is a comfortable leather easy chair and a comfy couch.


  • Neither of the parents are shown in any of the books. Mr. Retlin is mentioned to be at the police station with Cary in Kristy and the Cat Burglar.