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Richard Brompton or Rock is a student at Paulson School in Stoneybrook, CT. He is only in Claudia and the Perfect Boy.


Richard has brown hair and on the longish side, sort of flopping into his eyes, which are big and brown, and he has a handsome face, with nice high cheekbones. He isn't very tall, but he is taller than Claudia.


Richard has lived next to Alan Gray his entire life. He finds Alan a flake case and says "I’ve been stuck living next door to him since I was born. I must have done something in another life for which I got this horrendous punishment of being Alan’s neighbor in this life.”

Even though he goes to a private school he wrote a letter to the SMS Express for Claudia's Personals. Claudia Kishi saw his ad and called him. Richard called himself Rock in the ad. The date did not go well since all he wanted to talk about was Japanese things.

Because of this date, Claudia puts no tattoos down on her perfect boy for her list.


  • He's named after his dad and has an older brother named Russ.
  • He has a real tattoo and got grounded for a month.