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Richie Magnesi is a boy who lives downstairs from Stacey McGill's father's apartment in New York City. He only appears in Super Special #6 New York, New York!. His age is not explicitly stated but he is probably close to 13.


His hair is brown and longish, and he let the back grow into a little tail that Dawn describes as "chilly". When he smiles, his cheeks dimple.


His family is first mentioned by Edward McGill when he tries to pick up Stacey's suitcase.

Dawn Schafer first meets him when she is staying home in Stacey's father's apartment during the day and he rings the doorbell. He introduces himself and says he's supposed to stay off his feet because he has a broken ankle and is using crutches. He visits Stacey's father Edward McGill sometimes, and came by because Mr. McGill said his daughter would be visiting for two weeks and they should meet each other. He broke his ankle while rollerblading in Central Park when someone ran into him on his bike.

Dawn and Richie have a conversation about Dawn's nervousness about being out and about in the city. Dawn says that New York makes her nervous because she heard on the news that two people were murdered the night before. Richie calms her by saying "two out of eight million."

Over the next several days Dawn and Richie spend a lot of time talking on his fire escape.

Later, after he no longer needs crutches and his foot is in a walking cast, Richie asks Dawn if she would like to spend the day with him in New York. He takes Dawn to Madison Avenue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, the Grand Army Plaza which includes the Plaza Hotel which is the setting of the book Eloise, Fifth Avenue, Chelsea, SoHo, and Little Italy. Dawn realizes she had not been scared the entire day and feels Richie was a great tour guide.


  • He is extremely punctual