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Ricky Torres


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Karen Brewer


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Ricky Torres is a classmate of Karen Brewer in Ms. Colman's 2nd grade class at Stoneybrook Academy. He was the main character in The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class # 2: Author Day.

Appearance Edit

He wears square glasses.

Biography Edit

Ricky used to tease Karen when she first got her glasses, but he stopped when he had to get glasses himself. In Karen's School Picture, he sits in the front of the room with Karen and Natalie Springer because they all wear glasses. He used to sit in the back of the class next to Hannie.

He has a crush on Karen Brewer and in Karen's New Year Ricky asked her to marry him. Karen's in Love he had married her on the playground at school. In Karen's Field Day Karen says that Ricky is sometimes a fast runner and sometimes slow. When they play tag and she chases him, he is slow. But when he chases her, Ricky is fast.

Ricky attends Mrs. Stone's farm camp in Karen's County Fair. He was in the cooking group with Pamela Harding, Cordelia, and Bobby Gianelli

He joins the B.F. Willie circus camp in Karen's Big Top. His performance in the final circus he was a juggler and has been practicing at home.

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  • He likes to write and tell stories.
  • Ms. Colman (like the rest of his class)
  • Robert Bennett is his favorite writer and Sloppy Sam is his favorite book by him.

Dislikes Edit

  • Reading out loud (only in Author Day)

Trivia Edit

  • He is Karen's "pretend" husband as of Karen's in Love. Despite being married to Karen he does think that she is bossy.
  • He once broke his leg and got a famous baseball player to sign his cast.
  • Ricky attended Camp BSC and once attended a circus camp.
  • In Karen's Tuba, he plays the trombone in the class band.
  • In Karen's Home Run he entered the bike decorating contest. He said that if won he the one hundred dollar first prize, he'd Nintendo games.
  • In Karen's Runaway Turkey Karen mentions that his aunt Mabel gave him his dog.
  • His has an aunt and uncle that had gotten a divorce with the kids getting equal time in Karen's Two Families.
  • He attended Mr. Peabody's Charm School in Karen's Tea Party
  • Ricky was the first to get sick in Karen's School Trip.
  • His cousins, Christopher (age 3) and Nate (age 1) were visiting his house in Karen's Surprise for Thanksgiving.


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