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Riverbend Boarding Hall or commonly called Riverbend is an expensive girls-only boarding school in Massachusetts that is made up of grades five to twelve. It is an alternative school with progressive ideas about education. The focus is on drama, writing, dance, visual arts, and music. Other courses such as math and gym are give a creative twist. Mallory starts attending the school in The All-New Mallory Pike. It is first mentioned in Mary Anne in the Middle and shown The All-New Mallory Pike and the school is mentioned throughout the remaining books.


Riverbend Hall is on the outskirts of a little town called Easton, which is about twenty miles away from Stockbridge, one of the bigger cities in Massachusetts. It's near the Berkshires.


Instead of one building, Riverbend is made up of a collection of smaller buildings. They look like houses, painted white with dark green shutters. Some contain offices, other are for classes, and some are dorms. There's a library, a huge old red barn where art classes take place, and a sprawling brick meetinghouse where everybody eats their meals and where school wide meetings are held.

All the buildings are connected by winding paths. There are open fields as well as areas with lots of trees, and a stream rungs through the campus.

Some of the buildings are named after famous women, including: the O'Keeffe building for art, the science building is Curie, and the drama building is Katharine Hepburn Hall.


It consists of several dormitories each named after a famous woman in history. The Earhart building is the third building on the right. Mallory is in room nine in this building. There's a bathroom down the hall and a living room downstairs.

Others include: Stanton, Truth, Jordan.



  • Pam (sixth grade dorm)


  • Ms. Kerry Orr (French)
  • Amy Condon (math)
  • Kathryn (global studies)
  • Eric (global studies)
  • John (The Short Story)
  • Hannah (computer lab)
  • Sandy (creative writing for the stage)
  • Mary Jo (gym teacher)

Administration & Staff[]


  • At Riverbend, you call all the teachers by their first names.
  • Riverbend is collectively run, which means that all the students and teachers work to keep the school community going. Jobs are assigned on a monthly basis and they include things such as yard work, helping in the library, or working in the faculty day care center.
  • Global studies combines social studies, English, and science for a full hour and forty five minutes of class.
  • Edgewood is the local boys boarding school. They will get together for the annual May dance.
  • Mallory remarks that she knew half the kids at the school in a week in Stacey's Problem.
  • Mallory started an internet club in Stacey's Problem.
  • The school is located between real places in Massachusetts such as Easton and Stockbridge, however they are no where near each other.