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Robert Brewster was Stacey McGill's boyfriend for part of the series. He cheated on Stacey with Andi Gentile. He narrated a chapter in Aloha, Baby-sitters!


Robert has dark brown hair that falls over his forehead, a dimple in his left cheek, and "a smile that should have a danger sign on it." He's not exactly model gorgeous, but still has deep dark eyes and broad shoulders.


Robert is part of the Stoneybrook Middle School basketball and baseball team. Robert is described as humble.

Robert met Stacey in Stacey and the Cheerleaders at Pizza Express because their slices of pizza were stuck together. They went out a few times, and after Robert stood up for Stacey when she didn’t make it into cheerleading squad, they started dating.

In Stacey's Lie, Stacey's dad found out about their relationship, when they were trying to sneak around him. Edward was not happy, but ended up enjoying dinner with him. He finds Samantha okay.

Robert also introduced Stacey to his friends, who later drank at a concert in Stacey and the Bad Girls.

Stacey cared about Robert a lot, and in Stacey McGill, Super Sitter, Stacey wanted to take him to the city.

They broke up in Stacey's Broken Heart, because Robert cheated on Stacey because he liked Andi and was caught kissing her. He is more relaxed with Andi and thinks he and Andi have more in common than he and Stacey do. Stacey was very grouchy to him when they were in Hawaii in Aloha, Baby-sitters!

In Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend, Stacey found out something was wrong with Robert through Andi Gentile. He had temporarily quit the team, finding it pointless. Stacey helped tutor him, but he found school useless. Robert turned out to have depression and he got help from his baseball coach.

He last appears in Baby-sitters' European Vacation, when he turns down a cigarette from his ex friend, Jacqui Grant.