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The Roberts Family is a family that lives in Stoneybrook, CT. They are clients of the Baby-sitters Club.


Faye and Robert hosted a cookout and Danielle invited her friends over. Her parents had put her name on the Your Wish Is My Command, wish list where she would be able to get one wish of her choice. The family goes to Disney World at the end of Jessi's Wish.

Family Members[]


  • Mr. Toes, an all gray kitten except for his toes which are white


The house is described as a small brick house. the lawn in front is sort of scraggy, but someone obviously tended the two flower gardens. There's a back patio mentioned in Jessi's Wish.

In Jessi and the Troublemaker, they have a den. The master bedroom has a bathroom off of it with a shower and a tub. They also have a basement. It's mentioned that the live at the top of the street of a cul-de-sac.

Mr. and Mrs. Issacs lives across the street.