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The Rodowsky Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club. They live at 6 Reilly Lane, a few streets over from Logan Bruno's house.


Mary Anne and Logan are their first sitters in Logan Likes Mary Anne!. Mrs. Rodowsky had picked one of the fliers at the PTA meeting where they advertised.

All three boys have flaming red hair and freckles, they look a lot alike. The boys love softball and have a lot of Legos. The boys know everything about cleaning. Claudia decides to wear jeans whenever baby-sitting, her spill proof accident proof outfit. The Rodowsky boys, Arnolds, and Braddocks sent complimentary anonymous notes to BSC and treat them to lunch. Jackie and Archie make portraits of them for being their favorite baby-sitters.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodowsky had to pay Stoneybrook Elementary School money for a new window pane when Jackie hit a home run during practice.

The boys are all in Stacey's Movie as one of the kids that Kristy Thomas's group films. Jackie gets camera shy and doesn't want to be in the movie. They film Archie showing off his hula skills.

In Keep Out, Claudia!, Jackie mentions that they are of Polish descent.

Mr. Rodowsky gave Karen Brewer the idea to run a food and crafts fair in Karen's Lemonade Stand. He also promised to find out if the kids could host the fair on school grounds.

All of the boys participated in the go-cart race sponsored by the Stoneybrook Community Center in Abby and the Notorious Neighbor. Shea was originally going to drive the cart, but Jackie ended up driving after convincing his brother.

Family Members[]

Extended Family[]


  • Dog named Bo
  • Elizabeth, Jackie's male pet grasshopper (just in #10)


There's nothing breakable in the rec room where the boys play, it is one the same floor as the living room. The living room is covered with the boys' artworks, professionally framed. There is not enough room to play in the backyard because of the doghouse and windowless tool shed.

The basement is kind of creepy according to Kristy Thomas in Kristy and the Walking Disaster.

They have a worn brown leather couch in their living room. Jackie mentions that they keep extra dog food in the basement in Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter.

Ashley Wyeth lives next door. Mr. Seger and his son Noah are also neighbors.

There's a piano that Shea plays first mentioned in Logan Likes Mary Anne!.

Jackie and Mr. Rodowosky have a play room that they set up the volcano in Jessi's Baby-sitter.


Media Portrayals[]

TV Series (1990)[]

All of the boys in the family are portrayed on screen.


Only Jackie is in the movie.

The Baby-Sitters Club (web series)[]

Only Mrs. Rodowsky is shown to be in this series so far. She is played by Krista Magnusson in The Truth About Stacey (Web Series Episode).