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Rosedale Road is a street in Stoneybrook, CT.


In Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, Kristy Thomas baby-sat for an un-named party there.

In Welcome Back, Stacey!, Maureen McGill looks for a new house on 4221 Rosedale Road. The house was rather small and a small yard. The faucets dripped, the kitchen looks like it would need to be sandblasted. Three rooms were painted purple, ceilings and all.

In Mary Anne's Big Breakup, it is mentioned that Rosedale intersects with Essex Street in downtown Stoneybrook.

The street is within walking distance to Bradford Court. Janine Kishi turns left off Bradford and crosses the street then takes a quick right onto Rosedale Road in The Mystery at Claudia's House.

It's mentioned in Claudia and the Great Search that Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ferguison and their daughter, Kara used to live on this street. Claudia found their names when she thought that she was adopted. Since then, they had two other children, Marcie and Joseph. The kids go to Stoneybrook Day School.

Audrey Green, the Barkan Twins, and Mrs. Barkan search for Archie, the class turkey, on this street in Karen's Runaway Turkey.

In Karen's Hurricane, Karen and Kristy Thomas go down this street in a boat to see how much Stoneybrook flooded after the hurricane.