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Mary Rose "Rosie" Wilder is the only child of Ginger and George Wilder and a member of the Wilder Family. She is a seven-year-old charge of the Baby-sitters Club. Rosie lives at 477 Elm Street and attends Stoneybrook Elementary School.

Appearance & Personality[]

Rosie has thick red hair, freckles, and hazel eyes. She wears tortoise-shell glasses for reading. She often acts older and more mature than her real age.


Rosie takes private lessons in various arts including piano, ballet, violin, voice, and tap. She follows a strict practicing schedule. She is in science and math club and advanced readers group.

Rosie has appeared in many television commercials before, and has a talent agent named Sandra Yu. She's in a commercial for Up'n'Out Cleaner. She rehearses for Dan Beasley's talent show, Uncle Dandy's Star Machine. She sings and plays piano on the show and doesn't make mistakes in her playing. She secretly draws pictures in her room which Claudia finds out about. She enters her drawing of junk food at Claudia's art show.

She has a temper tantrum over wanting to be a normal kid in Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street. Her parents agree to let her be in math club, study violin, and art which are her favorites.

In Stacey's Movie, she becomes part of Kristy Thomas's video project. Rosie's video is the one that gets Alan Gray back into his directors position.

In Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum, Claudia introduces her to Margo Pike, Claire Pike, and Vanessa Pike. She is impressed with Claire's video of her singing and calls her good for an amateur. Rosie encourages her to make a copy of the video and send it to some potential agents.



  • Claudia Kishi is her favorite baby-sitter and becomes her art teacher.


  • Being overworked (#49)
  • Twinkies (#49)


Media Portrayals[]


Rosie is only shown in the movie, she is portrayed by actress Vanessa Zima. Her elder cousin is Luca, who becomes infatuated with Stacey McGill.