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Ross Brown is a student at Stoneybrook Middle School in Stoneybrook, CT.


Stacey had a crush on him and he liked her in Stacey's Emergency. This is his only mention in the series before book 127.

In Abby's Un-Valentine he develops a crush on Abby Stevenson. He had tried to ask her to the Valentine's Day Dance, but she had turned him down leaving Ross hurt. He ended up coming to her house to give her flowers. He tried to win her over by giving her flowers and a copy of New Yorker cartoons on Stacey McGill's suggestion. When Abby and Anna Stevenson did a twin swap he was made at both of them. Abby and Anna went to talk to him and to apologize. He apologized and Abby apologized to him.

He is last seen taking Anna on a date to see the Stoneybrook String Quartet.


  • Stacey calls him nice, cute, and funny in "Abby's Un-Valentine."
  • He's friends with a girl who plays cello in the orchestra.
  • His mom is a florist.
  • Ross knows classical music. He heard the hear the Stoneybrook String Quartet play at Stoneybrook Day School the same time Anna was there. He also takes her to another one of their performances.
  • He has an older brother that drives.