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The SMS Cheerleading Team is a sports team at Stoneybrook Middle School. It's first mentioned Claudia and the New Girl.


The squad is first mentioned in Claudia and the New Girl when she observes them practicing for an upcoming game against Stamford Junior High.

They are first introduced in Stacey and the Cheerleaders. They base their decision on talent and looks, of course; but also personality, height, physique, and ability to fit with the existing squad. Stacey McGill tries out for the squad. Kathleen Lopez tries out for the cheerleading squad, gets the position, and then quits when she hears she's a second choice. She didn't like that she was picked because the girls didn't want to give Stacey McGill the spot. Stacey notes that most of the girls are vain.

Tonya Wright is a seventh grade member mentioned in Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost.


  • Sheila MacGregor
  • Corrine Baker
  • Margie Greene
  • Penny Weller
  • Darcy Redmond
  • Tonya Wright