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Sally White was a student at Stoneybrook Day School with Shannon Kilbourne. She is only shown in The Baby-sitters Remember.


When Shannon and the BSC have a sleepover where they discuss their most vivid memory, Shannon remembers when Sally White moved to Stoneybrook Day school. Sally initially seems cool because she has traveled everywhere and moved to Stoneybrook from London, England, where she had lived for eight months. Her mother is some kind of movie star and Sally knows some famous people. Shannon and her friends are in awe of her.

Sally seemed to be critical of Shannon's appearance when they first met. On the bus ride to school, she first talked to Meg and Lindsey, two of Shannon's friends, but by the end of the bus ride has stopped talking to Lindsey. Throughout the day Sally and Meg became inseparable and appear to be best friends. When Meg and Sally went to a concert together, Sally saw Meg act starstruck over being backstage and seeing famous people. Sally thought this was babyish and stopped talking to her. The next day she moved on to Greer, another one of Shannon's friends. A few days later they stopped talking for an unknown reason.

Saturday morning, she moved on to Shannon, who switched from studying for the astronomy club entrance test to hanging out with Sally after Sally called her. When Shannon chooses to study that Sunday rather than hang out with Sally again, Sally moves on to Polly and a few days later, a sixth grade girl. Sally shows a repeating pattern of befriending someone and then ditching them for someone new. This drives Shannon to not be inclined to be nice to any new girl, including Kristy Thomas, after what Sally did to her friends and her. Once Shannon's anger over Sally dissipates and she sees how foolish she was, she chooses Kristy as her next friend - this time as a mutual friendship that is a two-way street.

It is unknown what happened to her.


  • She took Meg to a Bruce Springsteen concert and went backstage.
  • Sally owns her own thoroughbred horse named Sure Thing.
  • Her parents put a telescope in their attic which impressed Shannon.