Sara Ford
Sara Ford The Kids in Ms Colmans Class
Full name

Sara Ford


Stoneybrook, CT




Mrs. Ford
Mr. Ford
Marcus (9 year old brother)


Stoneybrook Academy



Sara Ford is a student in Ms. Colman's class at Stoneybrook Academy.

Appearance Edit

She has dark curly hair. She describes herself as short and looks younger then her own age in Holiday Time. Karen says that Sara is tall in Karen's Field Day and is a fast runner.  

Biography Edit

Friends Edit

Pets Edit

  • Frederick the family dachshund that they had gotten a few months earlier.
  • At the end of Karen's Grandad, she got one of Evelyn and Hootie's guinea pig babies from Karen.

Toys Edit

Talents Edit

Likes Edit

  • Snow
  • Christmas and Kwanzaa are her favorite holidays
  • Ms. Colman

Dislikes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She just moved to Stoneybrook and was one of the last new students at the school before Pamela Harding and Addie Sidney.
  • She is initially impressed with Pamela but later finds herself not really liking her. She think Bobby Gianelli is the meanest boy in their class. She feels the other kids in her class are pretty nice.
  • Her brother, Marcus, calls her a bad cook.
  • She's allowed to use the crockpot by herself.
  • She lives down the street from Audrey.


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