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Sarah Bernhardt is a student at Riverbend Hall Boarding School. She is a friend of Smita Narula and Mallory Pike. She is only seen in The All-New Mallory Pike.


She is tall with flaming red hair in ringlets. Sarah has pale skin and no freckles.


She was named after the actress Sarah Bernardt. She lives in Mallory's building and on the same floor as her. Sarah is dramatic and wants to be an actress when she is older. Both of her parents are teachers and she's originally from the mid-west.

Sarah, Jen Bodner, and Smita Narula helped Mallory clean up her dorm after Alexis trashed it with the help from the girls on the floor.


  • She is friends with Smita and calls her Smee as a nickname.
  • Sarah is one of Mal's first friends at Riverbend.
  • She and Smita Narula knew each other from their old school.