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Sari Papadakis is is a member of the Papadakis Family, being the two-year-old daughter and the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Papadakis. She has an older brother named Linny and an older sister named Hannie. She lives on McLelland Road across the street from the Brewer family.


Sari has dark hair, deep brown eyes, and olive skin. She is said to have a terrific smile.


In Claudia and the Great Search, Sari plays "Ring Around the Rosie" with Emily Michelle Brewer, but Sari seems to understand the game better than Emily. In Book 45, Sari played with Kristy's egg child. She had a foster sister named Lou McNally.

She, Emily Michelle, Callie and Keith Bates participated in Karen's School as students. She would play while Karen and Hannie tried to teach them how to read. In Karen's roller skates she looks a few months, near a year, or a year old. Its possible she cannot walk ,in a result Mrs. Papadakis carrying her. Also, she giggles, so it's possible she can't talk but she can giggle.



  • My little pony dolls (LS#41)


Graphic Novels[]

In the Graphic Novels she has very short brown hair, deep brown eyes, and light olive skin. In chapter 4 of Kristy and the Snobs she wears a pink-red t-shirt and blue overalls with the same pink-red heart on the pocket. Also yellow socks and white shoes and white soles. In chapter 6 Sari wears a sleeveless light pink shirt and dark pink skirt without any socks or shoes. In Karen's Roller Skates, Sari has a puffy piece of hair on her head and wears a yellow onesie.


Netflix series[]

While she is not shown, her mother is pregnant with Sari in this version of the series.