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The Schafer-Olson Family is Dawn Schafer's family in California. They live at 22 Buena Vista, Palo City, CA.


Dawn and Jeff Schafer grew up in this house until Jack and Sharon's divorce. They then briefly moved to Stoneybrook, CT with their mother Sharon Spier. Jeff was unhappy in Stoneybrook, however, so he moved back to Palo City in Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn. Dawn was torn between Stoneybrook and California, and moved back temporarily in Dawn's Big Move before moving to California permanently in Farewell, Dawn.

Jack still lives in their Palo City house and his second wife Carol Olson lives with him after they got married in Here Come the Bridesmaids!. The family has a housekeeper named Mrs. Bruen. Palo City is located near Anaheim California; John Wayne Airport is close to their house and LAX is almost an hour away.

Jack and Carol have a daughter, Elizabeth Grace Schafer-Olson, who is born in Dawn, Diary Two.

Clover and Daffodil Austin live next door to the family.

Family Members[]

Extended Family

  • Jack's unnamed parents (they attend his wedding to Carol and are mentioned a few other times as well, according to Dawn they lived on the East Coast when she and Jeff were little).
  • Carol's unnamed parents (mentioned in Sunny (California Diaries))


The house is cool with terra-cotta floor and skylights in almost all the rooms. The house is one floor (though some books have Dawn referring to running down to the kitchen or wherever, suggesting two floors or maybe split levels), long and wide, shaped like a square. It's airy, open, like a square-edge U around a yard. Almost all the rooms have glass skylights. A long tiled hall leads to the kitchen.

The house is only ten years old and has a bright yellow front door in Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn.


  • Before the divorce and when Dawn was younger, the family used to have a parakeet named Buzz who once flew into a bowl of mashed potatoes. Dawn mentioned this in Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter. In Dawn's Book, Dawn mentions that they were able to let him fly freely around the house because he never tried to get outside and always returned to his cage to go to the bathroom.
  • Jack and Sharon were married for 14 years before they divorced, it was mentioned by Dawn in Dawn's Wicked Stepsister.
  • Carol did not change her name when she married Jack, her surname is still Olson. This is why Gracie has the combined last name of Schafer-Olson.
  • Jeff and Dawn used to have a baby-sitter named Carl in Dawn, Diary Three.