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The Schiavone Family is a family that is only seen in Snowbound.


Ken Schiavone found Stacey and her mother trapped in the snow on the way home from the Washington Mall. He offered them a place to stay for the night.  He lives somewhere between Stoneybrook and the mall.

He and his wife bought a Victorian house last year and had a baby six months ago. Ken and his wife are “Christmas nuts” and love to decorate.

Stacey notes that: “wonderful.  Funny, warm, matter-of-fact (my diabetes didn’t faze them a bit; they just asked what I could eat and then fixed it for me), understanding (no more questions about Dad or the divorce), interesting, outgoing, involved, creative, you name it. And Mason was charming.”

Family Members[]

  • Ken
  • Mrs. Schiavone
  • Mason (6 months)


  • Mrs. Schiavone’s first name is never revealed.
  • Mason loves to be read to and his parents have been reading to him ever since he left the hospital.