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Scott Foley is a lifeguard in Sea City. He first appears in Boy-Crazy Stacey. Stacey used to have a crush on him, but stops when she realizes that he likes another girl.


Scott has blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.


Scott had just turned eighteen years old. He is from Princeton, New Jersey and starting college. Stacey McGill has a huge crush on him and would frequently neglect her baby-sitting duties to get him a soda, or just to talk to him. Later she sees him kissing his girlfriend when she's on the boardwalk, and realizes he doesn't like her as much as she though he did. Scott is charming, a flirt, and good-looking which attracts many girls.


  • He likes cats and enjoyed the girls flirting with him.
  • Stacey McGill notes that he has Mondays off when she learns things about him.

In the Graphic Novels

In graphic novels he has dark skin, brown eyes, and brown hair.

Media Portrayals

Netflix series

He is portrayed by actor Kyle Clark. In this version he has dark hair instead of blonde.

In the episode "Boy-Crazy Stacey", Scott calls Stacey "cutie." However, the name doesn't mean anything, as Scott has no romantic feelings for Stacey and only sees her as a friend. Over the next couple days, Stacey obsesses over Scott, thinking he likes her, as he gave her his whistle, as a "romantic" (in her opinion) gift. She brings him sodas, however his friend thinks its a gift to all the lifeguards. Scott tells Stacey he will be at Burger Garden, and she becomes excited.

She sees him at Burger Garden, and drags Toby over to pick out a gift for Scott. She sees Scott waving, and assumes he is waving at her, so she quickly pays for a box of chocolates, and starts to walk toward him. When she reaches him however, she finds out that it was his girlfriend, Abby, he was waving to. Scott asks Stacey who the chocolates are for, and his girlfriend says, "I think those are for you, babe."

However, Toby quickly says the chocolates are for him, and that Stacey, his "girlfriend," was just holding them for him, then thanks her. Stacey, now embarrassed, runs away from Scott and Toby. The next day, Stacey, now over Scott, walks up to him, and tells him she would like to return something. Scott asks him if its his flip flop, as he had been looking for it. Stacey just simply hands him the whistle, and runs back to join the kids with the game of tag they are playing.