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Scott Hsu is a seven year old student at Stoneybrook Day School. He has a younger brother named Timmy Hsu and a member of the Hsu Family. He and his family are of Chinese-American heritage. Scott lives on McLelland Road down the street from Karen Brewer. His family moved to the neighborhood just before the events of Karen's Birthday.



In Karen's Birthday, Hannie Papadakis develops a crush on him and wants to fake marry him. He doesn't like her right away but warms up to her after she bought him a present. When Hannie lost a tooth she wanted to call off the wedding because she was ugly. He told her that he was marrying her for her and not her face. In Karen's Haircut they get fake married in the Papadakis's backyard and walk down the aisle to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

Scott was recruited to be a temporary member of Kristy's Krushers while most of the team was away on vacation in Sea City, Here We Come!. He wasn't very good at baseball and ended up quitting even though Kristy invited him on full time. He was invited again in Kristy + Bart = ? and joined then.

In Kristy and the Dirty Diapers he was part of the Krushers Quartet, before making his own band with Druscilla Porter, Sheila Nofziger, and Moon Pinckney. He tried to play flute but is much better at Kazoo and plays in the Krusher Quartet.

In Karen's Angel, every kid in the neighborhood puts on a Christmas pageant and they host it in the Papadakis house. In the book they put on the nativity scene. He gets the part of Joseph.