Sea City postcard from BSC Chain Letter

Postcard from Sea City

Sea City, New Jersey is a fictional oceanside town where the Pike Family and other various families from Stoneybrook spend time during the summer. The land juts out into the ocean similar to a dog tail.

The Pike family has been renting a large Victorian house on the beach for two weeks every summer for the past nine years. They often ask members of The Baby-Sitters Club to serve as mothers helpers.

Sea City is reached via causeway. On the way, familiar landmarks include a billboard with a purple cow and a restaurant called Crabs for Grabs.

Sea City has many tourist attractions, including plastic palm trees along the main street. The boardwalk includes an amusement park, a movie theatre, several stores and restaurants.

One summer, Hurricane Bill hit the area while the BSC (along with the Pike and Barrett families) were on vacation. Everyone huddled at the elementary school and survived.

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