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Sergeant James Johnson works on the Stoneybrook Police Force.


He is tall with black hair and clear blue eyes.


When James was a kid his best friend was David Follman as mentioned in Abby and the Secret Society. When they grew up, James became a cop and David became a reporter. Thirty years ago, David began an investigation into some dirty doings at Dark Woods. David died in a mysterious car accident. Nobody was ever able to figure out why his car went off the road where it did, up near an embankment near Route Five. James thought that he was murdered and tried to keep the case alive. The last thing David ever said to James was ’watch where you step.’ James has always been convinced that somehow this was a riddle, a clue but have no idea what it means. Sergeant Johnson helps sees the case through by the end of the book. He also goes by the nickname Jim.

He questions Mary Anne Spier about the incident at Ambrose's Sawmill in Mary Anne and the Silent Witness. He believes Mary Anne's story.

Sergeant Johnson is friendly and listens to the Baby-sitters Club by looking at Claudia's photos in Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph.

His partner is Sergeant Tang when he investigates the robbery at the Seger household in Baby-sitters Beware.

In Kristy and the Cat Burglar, he was framed for stealing diamonds from Reinhart Golem by Reinhart Golem, trying to cash in on his insurance. Kristy Thomas, Cary Retlin, Mary Anne Spier, and Abby Stevenson were there when Reinhart was caught.


  • In Abby and the Secret Society, it's noted that ever since his first involvement with the BSC, he's been in their corner. He's always receptive to club members who offer him suspicions, clues, or possible evidence.