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Cabin at Shadow Lake SS8

Watson's cabin at Shadow Lake

Shadow Lake is a resort area located in the western Massachusetts mountains. There are opportunities for water sports (water skiing, boating, etc.) in the summer and skiing in the winter. Watson first came to the area since he was a young boy.


There's row of shops and a giant lodges with cabins around the area. Dawn Schafer hears about a mystery and the lake having a monster in it. There's a small island in the middle of the lake.


Watson Brewer went to Shadow Lake to visit his aunt Faith and uncle Pierson to stay at their cabin growing up. The last time he was there, he was twelve years old. He mentions that he'd come home in tears wishing he never left.

When Faith and Pierson were rewriting their wills, she thought of Watson and wrote to him about possibly inheriting it. Faith suggested that he come and stay at the cabin to see how he likes it. She also wished to meet his family and catch up.




  • The lake is so big and so deep in places that it hardly ever freezes enough to be safe for ice-skating.
  • Watson remembers Junie Drake and Mr. Beaden when he first drives through town.
  • The black diamond trails are the expert skiing trails as mentioned in Baby-sitters Beware.

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