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Shannon is a female Bernese mountain puppy that belongs to the Brewer/Thomas family. Shannon is one of Astrid's puppies.


Shannon is described as sweet, clever, loyal and a ball of brown & white fluff. As she gets older, she will be the size of a St. Bernard.


David Michael named her after the Brewer-Thomases' neighbor Shannon Kilbourne after she gave the puppy as a gift to the family after the Thomases' dog Louie was put to sleep in Kristy and the Snobs.

She barks whenever David Michael blows in her ear. She is the sweetest dog that Mary Anne Spier has ever seen.

Shannon was entered in the BSC Pet Show and won "Largest Pet" in Jessi and the Dance School Phantom.

At one point, she was kidnapped, but later returned in Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs. The police found her in Karl Tate's house, where he was keeping the stolen dogs. It's mentioned the Brewers have a dog run for Shannon which is a wire that stretches across the front yard with a chain attached.

In Abby the Bad Sport, she once ran into the middle of a game the Special Olympics Unified Team had against Lawrenceville running after the ball. She ended up knocking over the kicker on the other team.

She's great at eating stuff when it falls on the floor, David Michael mentions that she'll eat things right off their plate in Mary Anne and Camp BSC.