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Shannon Kilbourne
Full name

Shannon Louisa Kilbourne


Kristy and the Snobs


Everything Changes








Kathy Kilbourne (mother)
Ted Kilbourne (father)
Tiffany Kilbourne (sister)
Maria Kilbourne (sister)
Kilbourne Family


Stoneybrook Day School



First Appearance

#11: Kristy and the Snobs

Final Appearance

Everything Changes

Portrayed by

Shannon Louisa Kilbourne is an associate member along with Logan Bruno. Shannon joined the club in Kristy and the Snobs as an associate member.

Personal Info


Physical Description

She is described as interesting looking. She has thick naturally curly (unlike Stacey's as said in Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House) long blond hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones, and and a ski jump nose. She wears black mascara every morning. She thinks that she's not going to be very tall and notes that she has a long face like her father's in Shannon’s Story.

Personality Traits

Shannon takes tap lessons occasionally. She is a real achiever, fluent in both Spanish and French. She's an animal lover. She is funny and studious.

She has a worrisome side according to Kristy when she mentioned that Shannon worries about her parent's marriage in Kristy and the Dirty Diapers.

She can be a morning person when she has to be, but when she doesn't have to she's like a slug.

Mary Anne Spier describes Shannon as "sometimes quiet, but she is very sure of herself in her own way, just like Kristy, and very organized in a Kristy-like way, too" in Mary Anne and Camp BSC.


She used to be enemies with Kristy Thomas, and they pulled pranks on each other throughout Kristy and the Snobs. She accused Kristy and her friends for stealing her baby-sitting jobs. They later make up and slowly start to become friends. Shannon gives the Brewer/Thomas Family one of Astrid's puppies, which David Michael had named after her.

One of Shannon's wishes was to become a funnier person. She received a book of jokes for Christmas one year in the hopes that she will increase her humor in The Baby-Sitters Club Chain Letter. She ends up getting a joke book and McBuzz's Mail Order items from Jessi Ramsey.

Her mother becomes overtly interested in her daughters lives, making Shannon feel suffocated. She chaperones Stoneybrook Day School's trip to Paris to spend time with Shannon, but Shannon flunks her French test so she can't go.

Ever since she was little, she liked to play with her food and still does it now. In Shannon’s Story she mixes different types of jams together.

In Kristy and the Sister War, it's mentioned that she likes snickerdoodle cookies. In the book her sisters wanted to spend more time with her, but since she was so busy Shannon couldn't. Maria and Tiffany tried to help her out including doing her homework which just got her in trouble. Then she started aruging with them when they switched to pulling pranks on her instead. They made up in the end at the all schools dance.


Shannon's room is across from Tiffany's room. She has a Stoneybrook Day pennant on the wall, a neat stack of books on the desk, and a poster from a summer camp production of Oklahoma. She also has a dream machine clock radio.

Baby-sitting and Club Experiences

She baby-sat for the Papadakis Family and the Delaney Family before joining the BSC. Kristy asks her to join the BSC as an associate member, she doesn't come to meetings. She is sometimes watching Maria.

Buddy Barrett has a crush on her in Kristy's Mystery Admirer. Shea Rodowsky might have a crush on her in Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall.

She can't replace Dawn as a regular member because of after school tutoring project in Dawn's Big Move. When the Honor Society dinner committee is over, however, she decides to take Dawn's place temporarily as an alternate officer.

She was the treasurer in Stacey and the Bad Girls for an unknown reason.

School-Related Experiences

Shannon goes to Stoneybrook Day School with her siblings. She must wear a uniform to school. Shannon was thinking of joining the Spanish Club in Dawn and Too Many Sitters. She mentions that she likes soccer in Shannon’s Story. She is involved in a lot of clubs after school:

  • Honors Society, which includes an after school tutoring program.
  • Acts and sings in plays including production of Arsenic and Old Lace as a lead.
  • Debate team; it's one of the best in state.
  • Astronomy club; she's the only eighth grader after being asked by her science teacher.
  • French club in Shannon’s Story and Kristy and Mr. Mom.
  • She played on the soccer team instead of going to normal gym.

Aside from regular classes like English and Algebra, she also takes philosophy and psychology. She's not crazy about math in the way Maria is. Madame DuBarry is her French teacher. She deliberately fails a French final so that she won't have to go on a Paris trip with her mom.

She played field hockey in Kristy's Mystery Admirer.

Social Activities


Shannon and Kristy were mean when they first saw each other waiting for their buses in Kristy and the Snobs. She and Kristy were introduced to each other later. At first Shannon and Kristy did not like each other much. Shannon even prank called Kristy. After Kristy's dog Louie died, Shannon gives the Brewer/Thomas family a puppy, born from their dog Astrid, which they name Shannon after her.

In Jessi and the Awful Secret Shannon had more time on her hands and spent time with the BSC. Kristy thinks she was stealing her friends and apologizes to her and will ask to to attend regular meeting now and then. She was there when Dawn Schafer leaves in Farewell, Dawn.

In Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer, Kristy mentions that Shannon and Anna Stevenson have become friends.

Some of her friends are Greer Carson, Lindsey, and Meg Jardin in The Baby-sitters Remember. She was formerly friends with Sally White who had moved away at the end of the school year. In Shannon’s Story, she has a friend named Polly.


She goes to the Spring Dance at the Stoneybrook Community Center with a boy from her school in Claudia's Freind Friend. She goes with friends to the Valentine's Day Dance at her school in Abby's Un-Valentine.

Camp Experiences

She attends Camp Erie as a camper in Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation and eventually as a CIT by Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake. She attends a drama camp called Azure Hils in Sea City, Here We Come!.



BSC Members

Kristy Thomas - President · Claudia Kishi - Vice President · Mary Anne Spier - Secretary · Stacey McGill - Treasurer
Dawn Schafer - Alt. Officer · Abby Stevenson - Alt. Officer · Mallory Pike - Junior Officer · Jessi Ramsey - Junior Officer
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