Shannon Kilbourne
Full name

Shannon Louisa Kilbourne




Mr. Kilbourne- father
Mrs. Kilbourne- mother
Tiffany Kilbourne - sister
Maria Kilbourne - sister
Astrid - family dog


Stoneybrook Day School



First Appearance

#11: Kristy and the Snobs

Shannon Kilbourne is an associate member along with Logan Bruno. She has wavy blonde hair and high cheek bones. Shannon joined the club in Kristy and the Snobs as an associate member.

Shannon lives across the street from Kristy on McLelland Road. She has two younger sisters, Tiffany and Maria, and sometimes has issues getting along with her mother. Shannon is an exceptionally bright student who attends Stoneybrook Day School.

At first Shannon and Kristy did not like each other much. Shannon even prank called Kristy! After Kristy's dog Louie died, Shannon gives the Brewer/Thomas family a puppy, which they name Shannon.

One of Shannon's wishes was to become a funnier person. She received a book of jokes for Christmas one year in the hopes that she will increase her humor. Shannon is also a very talented tap dancer.

Shannon takes school very seriously and is always studying. That is the main reason she is an associate member rather than a full member of the BSC - she does not want to take so many sitting jobs that she can't focus as much as possible on school.

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