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Shawna Riverson is an eighth grader who attends Stoneybrook Middle School with members of the Baby-sitters Club.


Shawna is in Dawn Schafer and Mary Anne Spier's homeroom, her locker is next to Dawn's. She's in Kristy's English class.

Her locker is very messy with cups, greasy wrappers, month old hamburgers, and Styrofoam containers spilled out onto the floor when she opened it in Dawn Saves the Planet and in Claudia and the Middle School Mystery. She likes to go to Burger Town and hates school lunches.

She once cheated on a Math test and let Claudia Kishi take the blame before eventually telling the truth in Claudia and the Middle School Mystery. It's also mentioned in this book that she's in the drama club and a member of the pep squad. Despite being smart, she's in remedial math with Claudia in the book. Shawna got suspended for two days since she cheated.

Shawna is in Mary Anne's Modern Living class with Mrs. Boyden. She "marries" Miles and wants a divorce during the project in Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies.

She is ostracized for not wearing yellow on class color day in Dawn and the School Spirit War.

He and Alexander Kurtzman's group won the contest in Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery, they had written a fifty page paper about the lions at the Bedford Zoo.