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Shea Rodowsky
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Shea Rodowsky


Stoneybrook, CT




Stoneybrook Elementary School

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Shea Rodowsky is nine years old and one of the BSC charges. He is the older brother of Jackie Rodowsky and Archie Rodowsky, he is a member of the Rodowsky Family. He lives on Reilly Lane, a few streets over from Logan's house.


Like his brothers, Shea has red hair and freckles.


Shea and his brothers with Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold, Matt, and Haley Braddock send complimentary anonymous notes to the BSC. They treat them to lunch, Jackie and Archie even draw them portraits of them for being their favorite baby-sitters in Claudia's Freind Friend.

He is in Little League and an excellent player. Shea doesn't have an attitude about it however.

He has dyslexia (where he reverses words and numbers), so he has to go the resource room in Claudia's Freind Friend. He needs homework help from the BSC. Shea does have an above average intelligence. He was frustrated and discouraged about his dyslexia. He does better on his report card after getting help. Now he doesn't mind tutors. Shea has a natural talent for math and is great with figures and measurements.

Mrs. Schiavone is his piano teacher in Claudia and the New Girl and he says 'bullfrogs' when he messes up on the piano. He plays piano with Marilyn in the All the Children of the World band. They played If I Were a Rich Man during the performance.

Shea helps Claudia Kishi with her spelling and she helps him with his homework. Mrs. Rodowosky specifically asks Claudia to tutor Shea. They made flash cards and decorate them for each other. Shea gives her a thank you note for helping him.

In Claudia and the Little Liar he has a copy of a World War II fighter plane. He wasn't supposed to paint it in his room but he tried it anyway. When Abby caught him, she helped him do it in the garage and didn't tell his mother.

He was in Kristy's group when the BSC took their clients to Sudsy's Carnival in Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise. He acted like an older brother to Karen and Andrew Brewer for the day since they were in the same group as him.

Shea teams up with Mary Anne and Claudia for the Battle of the Bakers in Claudia and the Recipe for Danger. He enjoys cooking with them. However, he was too shy to admit that Claudia's original recipes didn't taste very good. He helped solve the mystery of who was behind sabotaging the bakers. Their team won first prize.


  • Softball
  • Claudia
  • Legos
  • Sausage and onions on his pizza (M#21)


  • Spelling
  • Pepperoni on his pizza (M#21)


Media Portrayals[]

TV series[]

He is played by actor Aaron Payne in three episodes. However, in Mary Anne and the Brunettes he is played by Eric Gaffan.