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The Sixth Grade Follies is where the sixth graders make up songs and skits. It is only shown in Jessi's Horrible Prank.


Students write the entire show. They get to do imitations and make fun of teachers, students, the school - everything. For the first time the show will be for a benefit. They split into two committees one for the performances and the other deciding the fiances. Jessi Ramsey signs up for both. Proceeds goes to the Stamford Theater for the Hearing Impaired.

Jessi and her class puts on a play about Stoneywood and it was really a school for celebrities in disguise.


  • Jessi played one of the Dolly's and was made assistant choreographer.
  • Jamie Sperling plays Ms. Flood. Bobby Gustavson plays in a Wayne's world type skit.
  • Randy Rademacher does an impression of Mr. Williams as Elvis


  • When the members of the Baby-Sitters Club were in sixth grade, Alan Gray did a perfect imitation of Mr. Steinmetz, a janitor. He loved it and was nearly falling over laughing.
  • Stoneybrook High School donated some of the props (such as the Dolly wigs) for the show.
  • Clients of the BSC created their own version of the follies but with BSC members instead.