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Skylar Korman is the baby sister of Melody Korman and Bill Korman. The Korman Family moved into the house where Amanda Delaney used to live in the book Karen's Good-bye.


She is about one and a half years old


She screams quite a bit because she is teething in Beware, Dawn.

Kristy babysits her and her siblings the most since she lives close to them. She always has hot dogs when she is being babysat except they had pizza once when Kristy sat for her. Skylar and her siblings had a hard time adjusting to living in a huge mansion. They imagine toilet gurgles to the be the toilet monster. They must run into bed before the toilet stops flushing or the Toilet Monster will get them. Mary Anne makes a game out of it that cures them of their fear of the monster. Now they flush the toilet a lot. A plumber fixes the pipes and makes the toilet monster gone in Mary Anne Misses Logan.

She attends a baby gym class with her parents in Claudia's Big Party.



  • Cheerios
  • The song "Breaking Up is Hard to Do"
  • Peanut Butter on graham crackers (#57)


  • She is scared of cats, or as she calls them, “tats”.